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(Caption: Finance Minsiter Pravin Gordhan. Picture source: vukuzenzele.gov.za)

Anti-apartheid struggle veterans Ahmed Kathrada and Barbara Hogan have expressed their support for Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.


The two veterans today penned a letter to Gordhan, whom they addressed as “Friend, Comrade and Freedom Fighter”.


This follows news this week of Gordhan being instructed to appear before the Hawks, and his subsequent refusal to do so.


(Caption: A file photo of Ahmed Kathrada on Robben Island. Photo by Benny Gool). 


Ahmed Kathrada turns 87 on August 21. In this piece, Zaakirah Vadi, explores some of the recent social justice and political issues that the struggle veteran has committed to, continuing his legacy as one of the moral compasses of our time.




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