Compilation of several race related reports and rulings

We have compiled several reports, articles and rulings on race that have emerged over the past few weeks in South Africa that attempt to analyse and/or combat race related issues.

  • The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has drafted a Hate Crimes - Hate Speech Bill and calls on the public to comment on it. The deadline for comment is currently scheduled for 1 December 2016. The is amongst other organisations calling for an extension of the deadline.

The aims to prevent offences related to racism and other forms of discrimination by prosecuting offenders, and introducing specific punishment for hate speech and hate crimes.

  • A former South African Revenue Services (SARS) employee‚ fired in 2007 by then SARS commissioner Pravin Gordhan for using racist language‚ has had the reversal of his dismissal overturned by the Constitutional Court.  detailed ruling can be found , while the summary can be accessed .                                                                                                                          
  • The Institute for Race Relations recently launched a report titled . The report highlights living conditions in the post-apartheid South Africa. Also, read more about the IJR’s Reconciliation Barometer .



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