By Muhammad Rizaa Bhamjee

People are so bold
and do not withhold
their racist comments
which hit us like a blocks of cement
And will the future be free
from all racial disparities
Cause I’m proud of my skin
And I’m proud of the colour of it
And so to see some change
we got to be brave
And fight for what is right
And fight for it day and night
People of the past
have struggled for this
And they will not be the last
To fight for this
Explanation behind my poem
When I saw this competition and realized that I could submit a poem I knew I had to enter and when looking
through the topics “A Future Free From Racism ” caught my attention because I have always dreamt of what that
future would be like and how we would get there.
In the first stanza I talk about the boldness of people and how they do not withold their racist comments towards
people of colour which they know will them and it does hurt them because no one wants to be treated like
garbage just because their skin is darker that others.
In stanza two I ask the question of what will the future be like, will it be free from racism, will everyone finally be
treated equally. I also mention how I am proud of the colour of my skin, and that I would never change it because
it is not my skin that needs to change it’s the world that MUST change.
In the third stanza I talk about how we all need to fight for the future we want because it will not just fall into our
laps, we need to fight for that future because it is what is right and we should never stop fighting for it. An
example of this fight, is the black lives matter movement as not only did we have people come together to fight
for equality but we actually made a difference as that movement is going to go down in history as one of the
many reasons our world was finally free from racism.
In the fourth and final stanza I mention how people of the past have fought for equality. People like Nelson
Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Haile Selassie, Martin Luther King Jr and many more. They fought so we can have
equality and freedom and they efforts will not go to waste because modern activists like Nupol Kiazolu, Ziad
Ahmed, Brea Baker, Winter BreeAnne and so many others who continuing the work of past activists and are
going to fight for equality and for a future free from racism.
This poem is about inspiring others to fight for the future all people of colour want and deserve but remember you
may be a person of colour but you yourself can have internalized racism which is why we all need to work on
ourselves before we can help the world because if we can remove the racism from everyone in the world but we
did not remove yours, it means that we’ll never have our future that us free from racism.
As we come to the end of my explanation I want you to think about what you can do to bring forth a world free
from racism because that is what I want people think about when they read my poem, I want them to go out there
and change the world for the better.
So go out there and let us bring forth a Future Free From Racism so the people of the lady who fought for our
freedom can be proud of us

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