Race is basically the discrimination of another race, being hostile towards people of another race. Sometimes it even goes to a point where some races view themselves as superior to other races. At times, whenever racism is concerned there are a lot of bad things that occur and most of the time these things do not contribute in developing a world that is united or a world that knows no hate.

A future that will be free of racism is a future that I want my grandkids to be a part of some day. I for one, would also feel proud to live in an era that is racism free. Picture having to live in a world where there will be no inequality, unfairness, fear, stereotypical behaviours, violence, sexism & maybe even poverty. There would peace, people will feel at home and most importantly wars that break out because of racism would come to an end. Imagine living where we can live for the wonder of the universe together, I mean we can only make a difference in the world only when we are together. People who are still putting up or believing in racism are clearly not open minded because no matter a person’s language, history, skin colour, and culture we are all human.

Race will never contribute in determining who a person really is. In most cases blacks are discriminated against and judged based on the on colour of their skin, little do racists know that the black colour is just a pigment. It has nothing to do with the intellect and the integrity of black people. In an honest mind and attitude, I personally think that it is only socially and morally acceptable for blacks to be treated with respect just the same way as whites are. People should move past the colour barrier and start seeing people for who they really are beneath the surface.

What I strongly desire is a world that will see RACISM as foreign to their nature. Future generations need to know how to spread love and humanity. If there ae more people spreading love than hate in this world, racism will not be an issue in the future. Belittling others to make yourself feel better should actually be considered as an illegal act in a few years coming. Each and every human being should learn & know that everyone is equal and the same. Instead of hating each other we should know how to love one another, that way our future will stand out to be better and greater.

To my white sisters, black sisters, with brother and black brothers who are still full of resentment towards one another because of the ancient wars and apartheid sages that took place between whites and blacks, I hope they find peace in the future & finally come back to their senses. My wish is to witness a day where they all overcome their differences and get past their ideas of being superior or inferior to one another. If we are all the same in the eyes of the Lord no matter our flaws, then surely it will also not be that difficult for them to make peace in the future no matter the feuds that occurred in the past. If they make peace, then our future is the brightest.

I personally have come to notice that racism is also alive in sports, football to be precise. White European and American footballers tend to be hostile towards African footballers during the World Cup matches. This has been happening for decades and because football matches are broadcasted internationally, this makes the world to believe in racism and practice it as well. Footballers are role models to kids, teens and adults all around the world, If they see the importance of showing each other love and respect in the field regardless of their race then in a couple of yeas coming we will be living in a world full of life that is worth living. Football fans will be encouraged and influenced to know humanity and practice it wherever they are, on whomever they meet.

Our rightfully qualified brothers and sisters do not get employed because of their skin colour and this leads the world to sore poverty. These unemployed graduates end up being suicidal, some stay mad at themselves for the longest of time and this is simply caused by racist employers who think they have the world on the palm of their hands by practicing racism in their workplace. Poverty will not be an issue in the future if we are going to have professional and non-racial employers in the future.

There are people who unreasonable dislike other people because of race, if we ever get to see a future free of racism then we are going to be free from such human beings. Prejudice will not even exist and that will boost a lot of people’s self esteems, we are all going to be happy with our own characters and abilities without having to worry about prejudiced people.

People have always formed fixed ideas about whites and blacks which are not typically true only because they are different race groups. Most people have a tendency of thinking that whites are more academically advanced than blacks and that is so untrue because blacks are also more academically advanced in a way that could really come as a shock to a person. Others tend to think that black men are a lot physically stronger than white men and that is incorrect because white men are just as strong as black men. An era free of racism will be one that does not condone stereotypical behaviours like these.

Everybody, including kids in the future is ought to know that we are all human before we are black, white, Asian and all these abundant races. We all descend from common ancestor, it is just a mere difference of colour that sets us apart. We all have to focus on reaching our goals and forget all about racism.

A future free of racism is a future that will offer a lot of good and positive things. It’ll also stand for all the greatest leaders, freedom fighters who fought for a better future so that the coming generations would be free and would not have to suffer from oppression and inequality like they did. They fought for a better future so that we all wouldn’t experience a world full of hate, bloodshed and prejudice. Their aim was for us to live in a time where everyone is equal, referring to the likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mahtma Ghandi, Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Helen Joseph just to name a few.

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