By Obert Joshua Gundani

It is unfortunate that African continent has been misinformed when it comes to hatred of other races due to partisan educational structures set up in most post-colonial states. South Africa is in no exception to the ordeal for the black majority has grasped the concept of racism as being a white person’s hatred for the black person and not the other way round. Hence we experienced many spates of racially incited violence in this country. There is no way this country can experience true prosperity apart from the existence of mutual love and the unity in all races which share their habitation in Africa as a whole.

The voice of racism and all its sleeping partners such as xenophobia has become so loud in South Africa and there is no more a place free of it. Go into the churches, you find certain races which consider other races as inferior yet they believe in the same God. This would definitely cause a great cloud of doubt on most followers of such ministers or pastors. Some of the racist pastors go to the extent of uttering racial sermons behind pulpits. Racism is a blatant sin and many people must repent.

Africa was the spring of love in ancient days before the love of money crept in. We, the people of Africa loved strangers that is why it was easier to colonise Africans than any other nation or race. Africa as a nation was united. People were only rated individually not as part of a group. Unlike today when one white man does something to a black man and that alone gives all whites that white man’s character. There has been too much negative things spoken regarding different tribes in South Africa more especially and many lives has been lost in racial violence in South Africa. Truly the numbers are higher than in any African country.

The late former President Dr.Nelson Mandela liberated this nation from exploitation by the apartheid regime. However the minds of many South Africans are still engulfed with racism. Most blacks do not see eye to eye with whites. There is much pretence going on in South Africa. This social ill is omnipresent. Look for it everywhere and you will surely find it. In schools, hospitals, churches, workplaces and even in service delivery.

Who shall set it our people free then? It is a duty of every African to plant seeds of unity and love in our country. Now is the time, to get rid of most schools which are white dominated and make sure that no child of white children. When they grow and reach tertiary they behave rudely at the universities where they torment blacks. Former president Thabo Mbeki is well known for his I am an African speech. It is from leaders of his calibre that all South Africans must learn ‘ubuntu’ humanity . He has love for all races, let us learn from him.

The South African legislature should come up with another law which will deter offenders from racial violence. I can see that the present one does no justice to victims of racial violence. A person is not the skin colour or tone of his speech but a person is the blood that flows in the veins behind the skin you see. Black blood or white blood is not is not an existing phenomenon. Our blood is just the same. Groups of blood in blacks are the same as those of whites, Indian or mixed races. So a black man donates blood to save a white man and a white man donates blood to save a black man. Are we not one?

Love one another Africa! We are all Africans , white, black or Indian. Africa needs leaders who perpetuate peace and not sow division among the people. Leaders who lead by example, embracing people from different races to build Africa. We need one another in many respects. A nation will not thrive in the absence of  people of different races. We share knowledge,skills and resources when we are united.

There is another form of racism I have seen arising earlier in the dawn of the new millennium-xenophobia. Many Africans have died in South Africa in the hands of fellow Africans. Their crime was just being African. If Africa is divided against itself how shall it stand? Choose your leaders wisely and learn not to blame ordinary citizens for the failures of leaders you elected into power. I love Africa when it is at peace, love and unity because unity is power.

Blacks, Whites, Indians and Coloured are all guilty of racism and tribalism in South Africa. Each race calls the other race with funny names . Such things need to stop so that we can go forward in building this nation together. We are all children of one father- Adam. Our differences just makes each one of us unique and original. Down with racism! Phansi nokubandlululana maAfrica.

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