By Tshepiso Catherine Selamolela

Race does not define who we are. We are all the arteries of the world. If we don’t live in harmony but rather in constant misconceptions and always take up arms against the sea of troubles, where will our world end up? Would we even exist?

We see fathers who still discriminate against the citizenship of innocent foreign inhabitants, mothers forced not to utter anything about the global phenomenon that comes destructing and bounding over our world. The hearts of the elderly have been frozen by fright, hate and are now completely iced over and merciless. Racism has a habit of playing nasty tricks. Suppose we continue seeing this from our parent, won’t our characters in the future symbolize the spirit of selfishness and cruel racist behaviour?

We see the young growing each and every day. Clothed in their over-sized uniform, carrying schoolbags into the classrooms and seeking knowledge hoping the future will be brighter. The youth is the future. We as young people need to stand firm and let our mindsets evolve positively. There’s a wise saying that states “self-knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated it cannot be harvested.” As young people, it is our mission to find a more stable level of forming peace amongst different races.

We are surrounded by an atmosphere of sadness. Powerful leaders drowning in sorrow owing to a circumstance beyond their control- the sudden division of people. People choosing to live as weeds when they were born to be blooming roses amongst the thorns, people choosing to be timid chickens when they are meant to be might eagles. We live in a world where people are treated like slaves due to their race, instead of being treated like the royalty that they are since they have been created by a king of all galaxies. Being judgemental is the greatest catastrophe a person can ever indulge in. Not only does it destroy the oppressed, it also destroys the oppressor.

We rob the oppressed of their dignity, steal their pride and continuously plunder their integrity. Their lives are hanging by the thread because of the agony they have to face on a daily basis. People should be incomparable regardless of their race- afterall it’s just a skin colour.

We are supposed to look up into the skies and witness the meek and unending galaxies and constellations, but how is that possible when all we see are terrible conflagrations that will only deluge our world? We see the fragments of what was supposed to be unity, the absense of partnership and triumph between races.

We need to devour the kindness that we contain and put it into practise amongst ourselves in order to stop disheartening people whom we are different from. To make mistakes is completely human, to forgive is divine, to change however, is life changing. Learning from our mistakes will eventually enable us to succeed.

All different diversities need to interact with one another, to work together, to help each other grow, to enhance our superiority and succeed together- AS ONE!

Would our creator condone all the judgements we have against different races? The key to this problem is in our minds. Let’s moisten and soften our hearts. Yes it will be a very stiff climb, but will it be a plain sailing afterwards! We need to teach ourselves how to be human again and stop being hypocritical.

The progression of the world is inevident if we continue living like we aren’t fellow brothers and sisters. We have turned into fine antiques and masterpieces of judgement and we constantly fight over illogical matters. This stops NOW! We all have a liquid substance flowing in our veins, we all have a heart that ensures that we live. If we share the same internal characteristics, why is it so hard for us to treat each other in the same positive way? We have to jump out of this ferocious illusion and come into a world of eternal paradise.

Everyone is embellished with an unusual pattern of perfection. Our personalities all have pleasing glimpses. No one deserves to be mistreated just because of their appearance.

We need to distance ourselves from abusive criticism towards one another because inferiority will start to threaten the confidence of the oppressed and there is nothing more disappointing than having to lose faith in yourself because of an irrational remark that has been directed towards you. We ought to start asking ourselves why we stay angry about actions that displease us if we do nothing about it.

The quest is for anti-racist behaviour is not easy. It all depends on how much effort everyone puts in to make it work. As youth, forces bombard us into being racist- some family expectations and peer pressure. It is, however, in our ability to change this and to respect the roots and beliefs of different races, and to break free from racism.

We need to roar with laughter together, to avoid bitterness and to stop horrid mockery. It is truly heartbreaking that we live everyday going through sickening judgements, however, it is not like it is a must for us to live like this. Change starts with one person

Let us bedazzle each other’s hearts and create meaningful relationships amongst different races. We should rectify this situation and leave behind and everlasting monument of peace and harmony irregardless of our skin colour.

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