Humanity have crossed oceans of terrifying situation but now has struck infront of this roaring mountain, racism. It is the judgement to one’s ability and behavior because of the colour of the skin one is wearing and entitling them inferior.

As the country we have escaped the dark cave of apartheid. For years blacks have been seen as inferior while whites are said to be the true symbol of superior. When a black womb trembled in fear of death, a fearless lion, a human spear Dr Nelson Mandela stroke this beast to the heart. Today we dwell in a democratic garden yet we keep on cultivating and harvesting this crop, racism. We call ourselves a rainbow nation yet we sparkle only few colours of the rainbow.

Grandfather I know you hate the whites because they made you swim in pain but we the youth are different from you. We the future deserve something better. How do you expert us to walk smoothly to the future while you steepen the slope with your racism?  A future free of racism may be the best gift today’s generation can leave for tomorrow’s concurs. The road to a future free of racism can only be cleared by today’s generation and the shuffle is in our hands.

Racists imagine a future free of racism. A black boy can share a desk with a white boy. School girls can laugh together without one being terrorised because of her skin.  A white teacher can feed a black boy information with a spoon same size as the one he is using to feed a white boy. Violence will perish and hatred will vanish. Confidants will grow like grass in summer and stand firm like a divine tree. A mind in confidence is a mind capable of solving any equation, a mind set to concur education. The nation will rest in peace knowing they are learning on a future rich in education.

A future free of racism will lead to a garden of jobs. Colour of skin will no more talk for a man but his qualification will shine his true colours. The Country’s “slogan” connections speak lauder than qualification will be tarnished. Corruption like clouds will disappear from our beautiful sky. Hope will grow in a child’s heart and education treasured like crown it was meant be. Teamwork will bloom in  companies and dreams will be reached as it is said teamwork makes a dream work.

Non-racial future will be constipated with peace. Xenophobia will be in flames and men will live in harmony. Death rate will swim below the belt. A child wearing a skin of any colour will be able to play on the streets without a tire burning on his body. Girls will wear fashionably and shine true beauty without anyone raising hands on her, one for slapping and one for undressing her. Confidence and security will flow on our streets like a river to the sea.

A future free of racism will ensure the purity of the atmosphere from blames. Tears won’t have fingers to point at anyone. Songs will contain more important messages and tv shows will be more educational. Children will be taught a fruitful lesson and one’s culture will be fulfilled without one leaking any blood. Respect like hair will grow naturally in every heart. Apologies for mistakes will be acceptable without any fight revealing itself.

Racism is the mother of sexists. A future free of racism will also be free of sexist. Men and women will run the same equal race without one painted as inferior. Every person will marry any soul that makes their heart forever dwell in love. A child of two races will be treasured unique instead of being chained on sorrow by the words of other people. Words may be so harmless yet so harmful. They spread like smoke and penetrate deep and destroy a dream they touch.

As a leaf of this branch called youth I believe in a dream of a future free of racism. A place where dreams will fly like birds. A future where a man hunt no other men but opportunities to pursuit. This dream of mine may fly high as an eagle yet together we are higher than the sky. Like I said only teamwork can make a dream work. A clear future is produced by starting to purify the presence and forgiving the past. Remember everyone is born anew every second. No matter the sharpness of this rhino’s horn we can defeat it. Like other animals racism too has a weakness, anti-racism strategies.

Teachers are the sharpeners of the future. They should play a big role in teaching the youth about bad impacts of racism. They should teach learners respect regardless of one’s race. Children should learn to live in joy and peace with each other. They must be interested in learning about other races around them instead of bucking them like dogs that smells bones. If the youth learn not to criticize each other because of races then tomorrow is clarified.

Parents should stop passing on their burdens of hatred to the kids about other races. They should stop teaching them bad ways to treat an outsider and start teaching them good ways to learn about other races. Parents should stop being selfish and stop holding on to the past. If Dr Nelson Mandela who was sent to jail for 24 years was able to forgive them why can’t they too forgive them? Teaching a child is killing a child’s dream before it got a chance to bloom.

What is the colour when one is human? What is the colour when one is in love? Who got the right to judge one through his race? Humans lets fight together to strike this racism. What do we earn by burning our brothers and calling them foreigners? They come to our country seeing peace and we strike them with death. What does that make us…hypocrites? Aren’t we suppose to be the birds of the same feather that flock together?

Lets neutralize racism. Not for us and our egos but for our future because a future free of racism is a debt Dr Mandela left for us to pay him. A future free of racism is paradise waiting to be awakened. A future free of racism is my dream and its mighty.

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