Racism is an act done intentionally with intentions to hurt another person’s feelings, leaving people miserable and filled with emotions. It is performed almost everywhere in the four corners of the world, and by different people of different races. Yet some hide their true feelings beneath a laughing face yet they are still able to criticize and discriminate others behind closed doors. In life we often come across tests with different question papers with unanswered questions, we are required to answer them differently yet we still copy one another.

The world no longer feels like a safe place because there is no better country to hide when words of discrimination are being thrown to our faces like stones by those who are supposed to shield us from this crashing world. Everywhere we set our feet still feels the same, we cry and hope for help but do not even get a helping hand. We take the grudges and battles of our forefathers into our hands, stirring pots bigger than us, handling matter’s that does not even involve neither of us, teaching our children hatred forgetting that tomorrow is not even promised. We fight in front of those we call our young and  restless, throwing harsh words towards each other when we are supposed to be preaching love and peace. Why expect love in return when we don’t give it anyway?

Equally we were created, the same unconditional love we got and still get from the one who created us with His image. In schools teachers teaches students not to discriminate one another yet the same teaches do not practice what they preach, they are the ones who discriminates and criticizes fellow learners. Teachers at School have favorites, those students who are seen as angels in the class, and the ones who never do wrong. Students are being discriminated looking at their backgrounds, race and how their lives are being lived. Under one umbrella of love we are supposed to remain happy and not let anyone’s happiness get spoilt, we must learn to forgive and love one another unconditionally, give without expecting something in return. Fight for each other, and not fight with each other.

Love is very a beautiful thing and an attractive element of a happy life, a life full of humanity where a helping hand is offered anywhere regardless of who you are or what you have to offer in return. We live in an era where forgiveness is considered as an incurable disease and hatred as a good thing. Life is amazing when the nation is united  in love and harmony, and peace is there all the time to nourish those with disturbed minds. Second chances should be granted to everyone without developing any doubts because nobody knows what they might encounter tomorrow. Whatever our forefathers went through during their times does not have to involve our present and future, all we have to do is celebrate what we have instead of crying over what our elders once had.

Life is a journey which needs ones full and undivided attention, not forgetting focus. We are all equal regardless of our races and cultures, discrimination and criticism should be killed and buried somewhere far, not just far but in a secluded place or killed and be fed to the Vultures. We as a Nation should uproot racism and leave the seeds behind, and continue to love each other and be true to ourselves so that we can be able to lead a peaceful life with no past to haunt us back. Let us live and embrace our today with dignity and continue to build the Nation we are with integrity and dignity. Cries of the motherland should keep us united, because divided by racism we fall and never be able to stand back and be who we are supposed to be in the name of love and unity.

Let’s have a today worth talking about tomorrow, a dignified present unlike a scattered yesterday, a day worth embracing and singing ululations about. Why not have a “Racism Free Lifestyle” and get to taste how peace feels like among millions and millions of people. Uprooting racism means not having to point out someone’s race, not having to call someone who is not from our country a foreigner, it means having to destroy the RACE part on the applications forms. This life is for us to enjoy without looking back on the past experiences, because surely the past has got nothing new to say to us, instead it keeps on reminding us of something we never went through, but heard about from those who also heard about it from those who read the books of history.

CE Collective Evolution once stated that, we were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us. This means that we should forget about race and live our lives as one soul, and have a heart beat as loud as a rhythm that keeps on encouraging us to do better and have a life worth living. The world is divided into Continents, which are classified by Countries with different people driven by poverty and scarcity of employment. Poverty, inflation and scarcity of employment are the reasons we have people leaving their countries of birth or origin in search for a better life in other countries and when they get there they are treated bad by our fellow brothers and sisters calling them names such as foreigners which is unrespectable.

In the name of racism life is becoming the hardest test ever, some are failing while others are passing, and those failing are not failing because they are not prepared, but because they are copying from their fellow friends forgetting that everyone has a different question paper. It has been said that charity begins at home and justice next door, but we are doing it vice versa, how do you expect children to love and treat one another equally while you as a parent do not treat them the same way? We are the birds of one feather and we are supposed to flock together as one living in a world free of racism.

A tree of racism is being uprooted leaving no root or seed behind, burning it to ashes and picking up the pieces of our puzzle as a Nation from different countries, for we are a Rainbow Nation. Divided by racism our World falls like a house with no foundation and united by love and equality we stand like a house with the strongest foundation, because we are no longer throwing words of hatred instead we are preaching the gospel of love. It feels great to be in one roof sharing laughter and peaceful lives forgetting our countries of origin while considering every country to be our home. Down with Racism Down, we must swallow every word of racism and practice it no more. It must be the end of racism’s road. We must be united and say No to Racism.

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