How did we all become so distant from one another? How did we all grow apart to the extinct that we now know of racism? Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity, recalls Wikipedia. According to the tower of babel in the book of Genesis, the Almighty God had to make people speak and to understand different languages for the purpose of stopping them from building the longest pyramid to the heavens, so he believed would happen and that is why many different races and cultures exists today. (Christianbiblereference, 1996)


Background of racism

Having the understanding of where racism comes from is very important, if there is ever hope of eliminating or rather decreasing its existence between the youth and embrace a future free of racism. One’s root is their meaning of life, principle, protocol, importance in life and the applications they involve their selves in. South Africa clearly have a long history with racism when it experienced apartheid until 1994, although most still believes that apartheid is over and done with, the truth of the matter is that apartheid is far from being over and so is racism.

Apartheid described as the political system where people were clearly divided based on race, gender, class or other factors according to The truth of the matter is that racism still crawls within the society. It may not be increasing widely as back in the days but it still exists. To prove that racism still exists, back in April 2015, Xenophobic attacks started roaming in parts in South Africa in Johannesburg, this attack caused shops to close down because of damaged goods and possible harm to the owners of the shop but also in fear of their lives and the hatred that was displaced towards the foreign shops. According to Wikipedia, that recalls that there have been countless attacks back in the years to also consider the argument that racism is far from being over.

Effects of racism

Having your heart skip a beat each time the television is turned on to watch news and to see what other human beings were going through the time of xenophobic attacks was indeed not fun. It would be reasonable to attack people who were found to be costing major crimes in the country, but at the same time in that case it would not hurt to let law take its course. No one deserves to be burned alive no matter the supposed crime committed by the person, never mind being burned based on claims of the accused foreign stealing job opportunities away from citizens of the country, such inhuman acts was uncalled for!

Let us take it back and think of why racism exists in the first place, the bigger question that we should ask one another is that why are people like Donald Trum and Julius Malema engaging in racism? Could it be that they do it for fun, pleasure, to look cool, to be a jerk or because it just happens that they chose to be the bad guys? There is two sides to every coin but that should not justify having to enable yourself engage or rather tolerate racism, don’t you think? Tolerating racism is indeed racism, because tolerating something that is unpleasant to people amongst us is wrong on so many levels.

Has racism sunk so deeply into our blood that it has become our root? Day in and out, living by principles and roots, having the idea of meaning of life in our heads, living by protocols and applications, culture and religion, but when that moment of making nasty compliments, looks and ridiculous laughter’s to people of different race pops up in our minds, do we remember the roots and norms? No, we don’t instead we tear apart people’s heart with rude words that cannot be taken back because once said it cannot be erased.

Racism is rapidly spreading widely in foundations such as in schools, working places and especially amongst children nowadays, in the modern world one cannot grow up without being familiar with all the harsh and painful names said to tear apart ones spirit and cut down ones confidence. Because of racism one cannot grow up without having shared tears of pain, not because of the ordinary incidents that enables children to cry but the tears shed because of racism and the feeling of not belonging.

Racism does not only affect the young ones but also the elderly as well, especially in their workplace, most challenges are faced by foreign teachers who come to teach, according to this recent published article on “Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi confirms investigation into racism allegations at Curro School where three black teachers resigned within a month of one another, this tends to prove racism at workplace” (Malaudzi, 2018). It does not only hurt emotionally but also mentally, especially when you are only a kid who does not know what to make of these insults. Considering all that, is there a future free of racism? This question is like asking if one can give birth in the normal way without pain, impossible is the only answer!


According to research on an essay by Lielly Kawa (Racism stops with me essay) in her conclusion she “believes that racism can be stopped”. Looking at all the facts and based on the research done racism will never cease to end. Racism is done by our very own human beings and they cannot be controlled excluding the effects of alcohol, drugs or psychological ways but rather generally, it is impossible and as the saying goes every action has got its consequences, with that said racism will never be aborted from our society.

As easy as it may seem to sell dreams sometimes and hope for the better and for it to end and letting harmony reign but reality is knocking on the door and it is about time we actually took a moment and opened the door and paid attention to it and see what is actually happening in our society. Racism should be considered as a form of crime and therefore have consequences , instead of sitting and wishing for it to stop and taking minor actions whenever the issue seems to be at its peak and then stop taking action when the issue is old news, there should be permanent action taken to resolve matters involving racism every day. If committing crime has police men dealing with it then why cannot racism have such initiative? Clearly the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Reconstruction and Development Programme, Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action is not enough action to combat racism. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation and it is important to represent exactly that.



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