Racism is one of the most controversial and debatable issue that exist today in our society. There are people who are still racist in this century. Many people tolerate racism because they are afraid to speak up, other people keep quite because they are ignorant. They know very well that racism is not fair on anyone. Most people believe that racial groups should not mix and a belief in racial purity led to racial hatred.

In this world many people are very ignorant and do not realise that their ignorance created or cause a damage to those who being affected. Many people tend to committing suicide only because feel like the whole world has turned its back on them. They isolated themselves from the rest of the world as they do not feel appreciated, loved or even wanted. There are people in this world, who makes it their daily mission to break other people’s confidence by teasing them. They are teasing other people by judging them by the colour of their skin or by making fun about how they talk.

Racism is more than words, beliefs and actions. It include all the barriers that prevent people from enjoying dignity and equality because of their race. I personally do not agree with the fact of one being judged because of their race. Media also play a role in racism as racial groups are represented in an unfair or negative light in news reports. Many regard the lack of cultural diversity represented in media as another form of racism.

Not all racism comes from hatred. Some of it can come from fear and anxiety. People may worry that some group pose a threat, whether to the safety of the community or to the national identity. People often associate racism with acts of harassment. However it does not need intimidating behaviour or consider situations when people may be excluded from groups or activities because of where they come from.

Many people do not realise that the world could become a better place if only we stand together as one. Standing together against hatred, against this fear, we can achieve great things together and be able to live with one another.  Fighting to stop racism can make the world a better place to live. It is important that people fight against racism because it has been proven that racism affect the people’s health and welfare. The effects include feelings of sadness and anger even depression.  The regular experience of racism can lead to people withdrawing from work or study and diminish their quality of life. It can also hurt people’s freedom to make them feel that they have less freedom or are second class citizens. That is why it is important for us as people to come together as one, to reunite and fight against racism. Our fellow brother and sisters are not living their lives right because they are of a different race, they get humiliated and they make mockery of them because they are different.

Racism can  be revealed through people’s actions as well as their attitudes, it can also be reflected in systems and institutions but not all racism is obvious. Racism can happen just about anywhere, most frequently in the workplace. It can emerge in other spaces such as on public transport, sports events or at schools. Although there remain a small minority of people who believe that races are superior to others, getting together as different races can help us to understand more about races. It gives us the opportunity to lean more about things and also help us to interact with one another. When you are a black race it does not mean that you could not interact with a white race.

Taking a stand against racism does not mean you have to target all people of a certain colour just because some of them are racist.  The fight against racism cannot be biased against one group if you truly want to eradicate racism, you will have to really think that all human beings as equal. Racism can be avoided and kept out by never mentioning the racism. The problem is that people throw racism around like nothing. Racism is something huge and a disgusting part of someone’s belief system. It should not be thrown around so easily with micro aggression or ignorant statements. How about building bridges instead of burning them? Educate people, do not shut them down.

The reason for many people to be racist is because we as humans have always been ignorant about several things. Race is a big one but is mainly because since then it has been passed down in many families. Many people were taught racism at the young age as if it was a principle and it taught them to be narrowly closed minded about people of other races, pity it is easy to teach. The worst part about teaching one about racism is that one is brainwashed at a very early age about it, it is almost impossible to try to change the mindset of that person. All of that is caused by just pure ignorance. It is important for parents to their children about different races at a young age. Being taught by your parents about something at a young age helps one to be able to overcome and see things differently when they are grown men and women. Racism affects everybody mostly  Africans, Gays and Lesbians.

People must understand that racism is bad because people should not have to face any prejudices concerning their race and heritage. Racism does not harm only the people hated, the person doing the hating is also harmed. Hating is also dangerous to one body as it can cause anxiety, heart problems and digestive system upset. Everyone get hurts by racism and everyone has pride in their heritage. When you insult them, it is always personal, is like insulting the very core of someone’s identity. Racism is very bad because that would not make people feel good. They will have low confidence in themselves and it will affect them for the rest of their lives. Racism makes one feel bullied and left out.

Every action in daily life is attended by racism; the biggest challenge is actually to notice it and trying to change it. Some people who meet another race whom act differently assume that they act like that so they go and treat them different. They usually cover that up with an excuse of saying “ they do not go together”. Racism is a problem because many lives are being lost and harshly affected with rights being taken away long with voices been ignored. The fact that someone is not the so called ‘proper’ colour that does not mean that one must be treated differently. Racism is  far from dying because is as strong as ever all over the world by people at all races. It can get so bad; someone from another race would be murdered out of pure hate. This can happen anywhere in the world, by any race towards any race. Racism is never okay as it only divided the world, nations and neighbourhoods alike. It leaves most feeling looked down and treated without respect. Racism makes life not worth living and this world not liveable. It causes tension, and of course bad atmosphere of terror and terrorism. The biggest problem about racism is that it will never be fixed. There are always going to be that person who thinks that they are better because of their colour.

The reason racism spread widely throughout is because there is a connotation of insistence. Racism is used to hold other people back. It is used to burry weakest often on ground unrelated to race. Sometimes it is used to provoke actions in others such as violence. Some people may self harm or vandalise their own property and blame other for it.

Ending racism is not a simple task. Sometimes speaking out against racism cannot be done because of fear. In some cases a person is not able to speak of because they may get harassed or killed. Racism takes the hard work and dedication of a person to take a stand and speak out. One way to eliminate racism is to stop being a bystander. Racism cannot be stopped by one person but all of us must stand together and fight against racism.

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