Racism is generally defined as the ill-treatment of people due to their skin colour and race.This maltreatment does not only occur between people of different countries but it also happens between nationals of the same country.

This racism thing is, especially here in South Africa,by result of the severe and harsh conditions of the ‘past’ apartheid era.I put the word past in inverted commas because some people, including myself,still believe in apartheid not being totally gone.Those harsh conditions clearly stated that the Whites are above of and superior than and to Blacks.This left a very deep wound in the hearts of our forefathers, the Black South Africans and this sore has been passed down from one generation to another.This however does not serve as an excuse to be racist towards any person of any skin colour, although some people use it as one.

For the mere fact that there is a term catering for the maltreatment of certain races,that already depicts racism. There is suppose to be only one race:The Human Race.I think along these years racism had been such a norm that it happens almost everyday at most.People refer to people of other countries as ‘kwerekweres’ and all sorts of nasty names.We also see people in high positions in our countries manifesting feelings of racism,like former Democratic Alliance president who utilised the ‘k’ word while referring to a Black person and had a very unfriendly comments about the results of the colonisation of South Africa.

I only belive that we were all created by God and therefore we have the responsibility of loving and accepting each other as we are.”Like a bee gathering honey from the different flowers, the wise person accepts the essence of the different cultures and sees only the good in all religions “…but we will say races in this case. These are the words of one of South Africa’s greatest hero Mahatma Gandhi.God gave us the clear instruction of loving one another regardless of our physical attributes. Love is God’s greatest gift to humanity. It is God’s promise and our hope. We must love one another for there to be peace.

Wisely speaking we are all the same. Racism is just a matter of certain races perceiving other races as inferior and worthless. I believe that if we recognise each other as just humans, all the gap between us will be gone.If all races co-operate and be in harmony,a lot of problems can be avoided. Many people today will stiil be alive and our world would be a very happy place to live in.Taking action together, being in harmony and coming together will definitely avoid a lot of unnecessary riots between us.

All the deaths, the riots,the fights occurring between races are caused by mere ignorance. People  do not really pay attention to acts of racism,not knowing that by ignoring it they are actually multiplying it.For instance, if somebody calls a person of another race by a ‘kwerekwere’,people of South Africa will only laugh and pass by like nothing happened. This increases the rate of racism in the country and in other neighbouring countries. In our country we have seen a lot of businesses, tuckshops mostly, being burnt down and invaded just because they are owned by Pakistan nationals. This starts off being one person’s idea and this idea of hate ends up being a lot of people’s doing.

People in our country also discriminate each other in terms of skin colour.This is caused by lack of knowledge, for example, most people are not correctly educated about albinism so they see an albino and they do not treat him/her as part of them. This action has been ignored and this caused a large number of people living with albinism to be killed, proving that tolerating racism is just creating it even more. These racist attacks against albinos have escalated further because of a myth that their body parts make people wealthy and cure certain diseases. These myths have been scientifically denied but people in our world ignore this and therefore make things worse.

Racism is also ignored in the workplace. White people are mostly in higher working positions than those of the Black nation. This gap in positions adds salts to the wound left by the apartheid era and therefore creates more friction between these two races.People nowadays undermine the authority of a Black person because they are usually not in power and are perceived indecisive.

This racism thing has been ignored all these years and that is why it had multiplied so massively. Today White kids are seen as more clever than Blacks,if a Black person applies for a job competing with a White person,he/she loses hope of getting that job due to the intimidation from  Whites.White people are seen to have first preference and are considered to be good in everything merely because of their skin colour.The ignorance of all these inequities causes more activities of racism. These things end up reviving the deep hate that Black South Africans have for White people in South Africa and in general.

As a result of racism being ignored, children now grow up with very untrue ideas of how to treat people or other kids with skin colour different to theirs. This causes segregation among the future generation… and we all know what happens to a divided house.Skin colour must stop being used as a parameter to measure intelligence or superiority.

Our country has increased the rate of racism over the years because of how tolerant it’s been of it. For the fact that some people still look on and pass-by as others discriminate and manifest acts of racism against others, this definitely depicts a future full of racism. The more we ignore the small acts of unkindness to people of different race is the more widespread they will become.We need to face racist people head-on and eradicate this injustice which diminishes the confidence of our great nation.

The world at large and every human being has a responsibility of loving, respecting and cherishing every individual, regardless of skin colour or place of birth. A divided nation does not stand whereas a rainbow nation is a signal of a sunny day,meaning when we stick together a lot more good can be achieved. Love one another my dear South Africans,because love is the only glue that will bind us.

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